About us


Singh Clo is dedicated to educating people about the culture and empowering them to embrace our culture with inspired, high-quality streetwear.

Nowadays, it is all too easy to forget where one comes from, especially when a lack of diversity is so prevalent. Our mission is not simply to sell clothes but to preserve our culture, so future generations feel represented no matter where they are in the world.

Through this, we aim to establish connections and nourish curious minds with insight into our culture. In the future, we hope to create an online platform that further facilitates meaningful relationships and allows everyone to promote our heritage with unmistakable pride. 



It’s no secret that fashion has the ability to communicate and connect people with others. When you wear Singh or Kaur, you send a profound message that celebrates our culture.

Our founder Harjit Singh discovered this truth about fashion as a child. Singh Clo was initially founded by his father, who emigrated to the Netherlands to pursue a brighter future. He and his wife opened a small business near Amsterdam, selling clothes to locals.

Harjit grew up fascinated by fashion and every part of the process. He vividly recalls conversations among his family - all of which were about clothing. When his parents decided to shut down the business, Harjit knew he could not let go so easily. So, he invested in his education and learned everything he could about fashion, including management and production.

After experiencing many trials and tribulations, he eventually decided to launch Singh and Kaur Clo online in the hopes of reaching a broader audience to spread his message. Now, Singh and Kaur clothing is available worldwide, making a stronger impact than ever before.


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